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Learn solid works, essentials, fundamentals, Engineering, blueprints 2d and 3d models and much more

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SolidWorks is a greater Computer-aided Project software much used in converting the Engineering, Architectural, Commercial and Product founded blueprints and ideas into 2D and 3D solid models. The software takes the power of 3D to support every Engineer in making and designing a virtual clone of a product.

It connects the design engineer’s imagination and caters appreciated structures to get creativity to their designs. After completing the course, you will get industry-recognized certificate. Following are the important topics of this course:Parts & Assembling of Products

  • Simulations & Analysis
  • Animations & Rendering
  • Cost Estimation
  • Documentation


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  • Manage Text Fields and Manage Links
    • Managing Text Fields
    • Working With Links
    • Controlling Execution Using Testng XML
    • Usage of Text Element and Usage of CSS Selector
  • What is List and How to Handle Multiple
    • List and Multiple List
    • List and Multiple List Continues
    • Indentity Multiple Element
    • Methods of Indentity Multiple Element using Java File
    • More on Methods of Indentity Multiple Element
    • More on Methods of Indentity Multiple Element Continues
  • Stale Element Exception
    • What is Stale Element Exception
    • How to Resolve the Error in Stale Element
  • Dropdown Elements
    • Creating the Dropdown Element
    • Option Present in Dropdown Element
    • How to Habndle Class in Dropdown Element
  • RadioButton Check Box
    • Creating Checkbox and Radio Button
    • Creating Checkbox and Radio Button Continues
    • More on Radio Button