Ruby On Rails – For Beginners

Learn Ruby on Rails, RubyGems website development framework, APIs and much more

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The bundle improves your skills with a better understanding of the basics of web developments with Ruby on rails. Remember, Ruby is the most prevalent programming language which empowers you to grow the popularity of your web services.  The bundle also defines the key knowledge of web application.

This unique bundle also supports you with the perfect implementation of Rails that spreads Ruby. Rails gather Ruby with JavaScript CSS and HTML that make a larger sense of Web applications. After the completion of this bundle, you will be able to understand the modification between Ruby and Rails and numerous techniques that are used in web applications.


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  • Introduction
    • Rails Introduction
    • Rails Overview
    • Philosophy
    • Rails Convention Over Configuration
    • Rails‚ DRY
    • Rails‚ Opinionated
    • Rails‚ Architecture
    • Rails‚ Installation Part 1
    • Rails‚ Installation Part 2
    • Rails Application Directory Structure
  • Directories
    • Ruby on Rails Directories
    • Script‚ log‚ test‚ doc‚ lib‚ vendor‚ tmp‚ Rakefile‚ readme
  • Environment Modes on Ruby on Rails
    • Introduction to Environment Modes
    • Rails Environment Settings
  • Files Creations
    • Rails File Generation using Generator
    • Creation of Migration Files
  • Ruby on Rails Servers
    • Starting the Server
    • Ruby on Rails Servers Continues
  • Hello Rails
    • Hello Rails Part 1
    • Hello Rails Part 2