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Relative Valuation Of Siemens AG

Learn valuation of Siemens AG, commonly used valuation, techniques and much more

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The training program provides you with the complete guidance about the valuation of Siemens of AG. It describes how earning per share of the organization is compared in industry. The course tells the ways to evaluate a company’s performance.

Furthermore, you will learn to understand organizations’ financial statement to measure their financial capabilities including book value and revenue. Following are the key topics of this course:

  • Corporate value technique 
  • PE ratio
  • Earnings Multiples
  • Sales per share
  • Specific variables
  • Book value multiples
  • Revenue multiples 
  • value / EBITDA,
  • Ent value/ EBITDA
  • Commonly used valuation 


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  • Introduction
    • Introduction to Relative Valuation Siemens
  • Course Outline
    • Course Outline
    • Course Outline Continues
  • First and Second Valuation Equation
    • First Valuation Equation
    • Understand Valuation Terminologies
    • Second Valuation Equation
    • Enterprise Value Versus Equity value
  • Absolute Valuation
    • Connecting the Two Equations
    • Valuation Methodologies
    • Absolute Valuation
    • Relative Valuation
  • Usage of Comps
    • Usage of Comps
    • Usage of Comps Continues
    • About the Company
    • Steps of Comparable Comps
  • Selecting the Peers
    • Selecting the Peers
    • Selecting the Peers Continues
  • Enterprise Value multiples
    • Selecting the Multiples
    • Enterprise Value Multiples
    • Equity Multiples
    • Industry Specific Multiples