Learn Machine Learning Using Python

Training will include the following; What is Machine Learning? (Intro – why its used, Data Science defined), Analytics Defined (Predictive, Prescriptive etc.,)Data Mining Flow(Phases defined – with MOdeling phase that involves ML)

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You will learn in this course about basics of machine language ,usage of machine learning using python. Machine learning is closely related to and often overlaps with computational statistics; a discipline that also specializes in prediction-making.

Training is an introduction to the concept of machine learning, its algorithms and application using Python.


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  • Introduction
    • Introduction Machine Learning Using Python
  • Usage of Machine Learning Packages in Python
    • Installation of Python
    • Example of Machine Learning Using Python
    • Example of Machine Learning Using Python Continues
  • Linear Regression
    • Linear Regression in ML
    • Linear Regression Example
    • Linear Regression Example Continues
    • Support Vector Algorithm in ML
  • Classifier and Python Package
    • Decision Tree Classifier
    • Random Forest Classification
    • K Mean Clustering
    • Apriori Python Package
    • Apriori Python Package Continues
  • Evaluation Metrics
    • Evaluation Metrics
    • Example of Evaluation Metrics
    • Confusion Matix in Evaluation Metrics
    • Classification Reports in Evaluation Metrics
    • Example of MAE, MSE and Variance using Evaluation Metrics
    • Sea Born Example using Evaluation Metrics
    • Scatter Matrix using Evaluation Metrics
  • Missing Value
    • Handling Missing Values in Python
    • Handling Missing Values in Python Continues
    • Exception Handling in Python
    • More on Exception Handling in Python