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Business Intelligence With Tableau

Learn Business Intelligence, collection tool, data analysis, data visualization, Tableau tools, data connection, dashboard, tableau architecture and much more.

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This course empowers you with the best data handling and data analysis techniques in order to accelerate your business intelligence. Also, it describes how you can easily put your big data into practice without any hassle.

Business Intelligence (BI) is quickly becoming more manageable and vital for understanding big data. With the correct tools, you can easily use BI to learn more about your business and what will help you to succeed. 


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  • Introduction
    • Introduction to Business Intelligence with Tableau
  • Getting Started
    • Business Intelligence
    • More on Tableau
    • Evaluation of Tableau
    • Tableau Architecture
    • Tableau Architecture Continues
    • Installation Steps of Tableau
    • Steps for Tableau Project Reports
    • Steps for Tableau Report Example
  • Navigation in Tableau
    • Navigation in Tableau
    • Navigation in Tableau Example
    • Navigation in Tableau Example Continues
    • More on Navigation of Tableau
    • Design Flow of Tableau
  • Types of File
    • Type of Files in Tableau
    • Type of Files in Tableau Continues
    • Data Types in Tableau
  • Data Terminology
    • Data Terminology
    • More on Data Terminology
  • Input Data Source and Connection
    • Input Data Sources and Connection in Tableau
    • Extracting Data Using Tableau
    • Example of Fields in Tavleau
    • Tableau Metadata
    • Types of Joins in Tableau
    • Worksheet Options in Tableau
    • Types of Operator in Tableau
    • Functions in Tableau
    • Sorting in Tableau
  • Filters in Tableau
    • Filters in Tableau
    • Filters in Tableau Continues
    • More on Filters in Tableau
  • Charts in Tableau
    • Bar Chart in Tableau
    • Line Chart in in Tableau
    • Pie Chart in in Tableau
    • Crosstab Chart
    • Scatter Plot Chart
    • Box Plot and Tree Map Chart
    • Gantt Chart and Histogram
  • Advanced Features
    • Dashboard Features in Tableau
    • Forcasting and Formatting in Tableau