Terms and Conditions of Use

1.      On accessing this website, you are agreeing to be bound by the website Terms and Conditions of Use, the applicable laws, and regulations, and you are also agreeing that you are responsible for the agreement with all the applicable local laws. But, on a disagreement with the Terms and conditions, you will be prohibited from accessing the website. The resources and content contained in this website are secured by the trademark and copyright.

2.       Payment

On purchasing of any digital product and courses, you are required to pay the fee that you must agree to pay including all the taxes to attain the access. You have understood and agreed on the condition of the payment method. The information of the price of all the products is allied with the company under laws. In case, you have provided the Credit Card information for any purchase, you hereby authorize the company to charge your card for the product purchased. The claim for the fee can be done in first 15 days of purchase, in case of dissatisfaction. After 15 days, no claims will be entertained.

3.       General

The website is a platform for the vendor and buyers where we do not have any ownership of the any of the products and the courses; all the products will be owned by the vendor on the site. You are allowed to use the website for purchasing the products for the legalized purpose only. All the laws are applicable that you are agreed to if making any purchase. The company has reserved all the rights to revise the Terms and Conditions and information can be spread by posting changes on the website, although the changes will become applicable after 30 days. The company will consider your use after 30 days as your consent with the changed Terms and conditions.

You can contact the website support anytime, you may find any Term or Condition ambiguous, inappropriate or objectionable to you. No direct contact can be made between the vendor and the customer. Violation of any law will result in permanent ban from the website. 

The company has all the rights to make changes in the products and discontinue the availability of the product for time being from the site. You will be given the lifetime access to the products i.e. the courses.

4.       Copyright

The Company is not authorizing the copyright of the products so the vendor can publish and sell the courses anywhere else they want. The company does not own the content and products. So that, the company will not reproduce, publicly display, publicly perform, and communicate to the public any of the content of company site to market without permission. The vendors are able to publish their products freely on the website.

5.       Content

No visitor is allowed to post any unauthorized advertisement or any inappropriate, offensive, racist, hateful, sexist, pornographic, false, misleading content on the website.

6.       Additional Terms

The vendors are permitted to submit the products and the courses at the lowest selling price quoted; along with this, the vendor will have all the copyright of the products available on the website. The company holds all the right to publish, unpublish, remove, revise, accept, and rejects the products to sell on the website, if necessary. The company also holds the right to modify the price of the products, that vendor has submitted, if necessary. Transactions will be done after 15 days of successful sale.