Expert In MS Excel For HR Managers

Learn MS Excel, Fundamentals, Functions, HR management, data analysis, Graphs and charts, pivot tables, Gantt chart, generating reports, business intelligence, heat map, dashboard and much more

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As we know MS Excel has integrated in almost every sector because of its user-friendly and effective features hence it is known as the most useful tool in a business. Moving forward to Human Source management where several sensitive processes take place including recruitment, training and development compensate and benefits, payroll queries, staff retention etc, hence to manage all the processes efficiently with the cost-effective manner, MS Excel plays the vital role. This bundle is made with the consideration of best practices of industry particularly to Human Resource and it describes the solution of the problems that mostly occurs in the organizations and causes the inconvenience.

The companies use MS Excel in Human Source department to manage operations like managing record of employees, daily attendance, age records, retirement plans, Edates, net working days, holidays, counting hours, break management etc. MS Excel allows the HR department to increase the organization productivity by measuring the daily tasks efficiently. Also, in case of any discrepancy, it also helps to resolve employees’ disputes softly. After completing the course, you will be able to manage HR operations using MS Excel. This bundle is having the six effective course that enhances your productivity. The key features of this Bundle are mentioned below

  • Data Analysis
  • Edate
  • DateIF
  • Net Working Day
  • SumIf
  • CountIF
  • Employee Record
  • Compensatory and Benefit record
  • Spreadsheet
  • HR Administration
  • MS Excel Function


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