7 Reasons Why You Should Go Into Cyber Security

Author:Zachary Simmons

Publish Date: April 16th 2018

There was a time in the past a career in IT was limited to network support and computers. IT experts were charged with guaranteeing technology worked effectively in their organizations, therefore employees might get their jobs kept away from glitches. Those days appear like old history now, as this field has grown to include endless roles and tasks.

Protecting enterprise infrastructure and information has become one among the most important roles of IT professionals. However, there also are fundamental benefits of working as a cyber-security professional. These people perform duties that are vitally essential to the security of highly sensitive information. As a cyber-security professional, you may work to protect websites, databases, and devices connected to the internet from malicious hacks. The requirement for people with cybersecurity skills is huge than the amount of qualified candidates, making this a career choice worth considering.

In recent years, several IT experts switched their careers into the field of cybersecurity due to well-paid salaries. However, still, the demand of certified cybersecurity experts is increasing each year. The demand for the cybersecurity workforce is expected to rise to 6 million globally by 2019, with a projected shortfall of 1.5 million, claims Symantec CEO, Michael Brown. 

Corporate and government organizations are reaching for certified IT professionals who will help them fight against cybercriminals and stop the future attack.

Here are top 7 key reasons that why college students and young professionals should consider a career in IT/Cyber Security.

1.Cyber Security is the Most In-Demand Career Fields

There are significant numbers of well-paying senior-level cybersecurity job openings available. If you have been searching for a more lucrative career, and have a passion for technology and creating the world online more secure, then think about Cybersecurity as your future. With the growing demand for professionals, and over a million potential jobs to choose from, this field has much chance for those that need to require it. If you think that this can be a field that might be a good match for your interests and strengths, a cyber-security certification is probably going to be a wonderful investment in your future.

2.Cyber Security Professionals Earn High Salaries

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, data security experts were earning median yearly paychecks of $92,600 as of the year 2016. Pay scale reports an average salary for an entry-level information security analyst with expertise in cybersecurity is $67,596 each year.

3.Seek New Career Opportunities

Cybersecurity additionally offers versatility to the individuals who pursue a certification in this field, as a result of the jobs are thus plentiful. If you’d prefer to move to someplace new, chances are high that you’ll be able to find work in this field. Pay potential, obviously, fluctuates from one city, then onto the next. Check these 15 U.S. cities with the most astounding salaries for cybersecurity experts.

4.It Is a Field That Is Always Changing and Growing

Cybersecurity isn't a single thought. It is a wide and consistently changing field associated with business functions, personnel, and technology. Our planet is soon to have more than eight billion individuals in less than 10 years. That means there will be more individuals who will require more services, products, and jobs. These are people, who won't just be using cell phones, computers, and the Internet; however, who will likewise depend on technology to support and manage the day to day activities or daily routines. Thus, they will need the cybersecurity professionals to secure their data. 

5.Easy to Move Into Cyber Security Field

Cybersecurity is an in-demand field. If you’re searching for a job that is never boring and challenges you with various opportunities for continuous learning, think about cybersecurity certifications. You can begin in this fast developing field with some IT knowledge and relevant cyber security certifications. In case you're as of now an expert in IT, a certification in this field will open up new career opportunities for you. 

6.You'll Be a Part of an Exciting, Challenging Field

In our advanced age, cyber security plays an important role in ensuring the security of their online platforms, and additionally the security of the fundamental frameworks that help our day by day lives, including transportation, electricity, and financial institutions. As a cyber-security professional, you will be working daily to keep essential infrastructure secure, and will continually be facing new, engaging challenges.

7.Start learning, Continue Learning

Cybersecurity has the two main logistic benefits of a powerful career: Low to no joblessness and strong pay. Plus, if you select this path, you will always have room to grow. You will frequently be learning new skills & working to understand new skills. New tasks may keep popping up and you will be presented with a huge number of new people, circumstances, and opportunities.

You'll never be bored as new puzzles need to be resolved, and you'll be able to always be proud as a result of your work will positively affect the digital and physical world.

A powerful job market, constant challenge, great salary pay, and ease of entry are only some of the compelling reasons to earn your certification and make the move into this profitable and exciting career. Although, you’re working all day in another position, then enter into this growing field are often made with cybersecurity online courses and certifications so you can achieve your goals on your own time.